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But usually if the fork seal goes bad, you'll loose almost all the oil inside the fork pretty quickly. Dennis Kirk carries more 1982 Yamaha XS400 Maxim products than any other aftermarket vendor and we have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. The whole job can be done in an afternoon. Paolo Tarozzi are now the world’s largest replacement fork stanchion manufacturer. There wasn't a table, but in the fork assembly instructions, it reads: "Fill the fork tube with 164-172cc (5. . It is a little soft, but much more compliant than the 29 yr. A sample from the products for the Front Fork include: Bolt, Nut, Selflocking (1mf), Cylinder Comp. The XS400 offered the options of cast alloy rims with disc brakes or spoke wheels with Drum style brakes. Special, Special II, and Heritage badges denoted "factory custom" trim lines. Details Dust Seals should be replaced with the fork seals for peak performance. fork oil)" Yamaha XS400 Fork Seals at BikeBandit. Front fork oil drain plug Oil viscosity can be 24 new and used 1982 Yamaha Xs400 motorcycles for sale at smartcycleguide. 56 Dynojet Stage 1 And 3 Jet Kit 4101 Yamaha Xs1100 Xs-elevenxj1100 Maxim 530 Chain - $99. Keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape by performing some basic maintenance - replace worn spark plugs and the clutch kit for a no-bog, instant response ride. Patented fork seal features a balanced 3 lip design that even distributes the pressure. Yamaha XS400  Items 1 - 40 of 77 Progressive Suspension Fork Oil Level Adjust Kit Hagon Fork Spring Kit - (Fits: Kawasaki KZ550 1983-85 & Yamaha XS400 DOHC 1982-86). CBR1100XX, 1997‑02, 56-133-1. Yamaha XS400 Front Fork Forks YAMAHA 1978 XS400 OIL FILTER ELEMENT COVER. Notice that the fork will only extend a certain amount then stop. You will also need 2 x new fork seals, 2 x dust caps and some 10W fork oil. selling my 1982 Yamaha XS 400 Heritage Special. High quality fork seals available for virtually every brand and model sold in the USA. 754740 Fork Oil Seals (Pair) - Yamaha XS650 77-81. this is good for all years from 1974 to 1980. The two fork halves are held together by the damper rod, and the amount of fork travel is determined by the length of the damper rod. com. 5 Thread Pitch Here’s our hand-picked list of parts and accessories for your Yamaha XS400 with universal parts included Magnetic Oil Drain Plug 14mm Diameter 1. Find great deals on eBay for xs400 and xs400 engine. Patented fork seal features a balanced 3 lip design that evenly distributes the pressure, reducing operating temperature, wear, and friction. Our kit was designed for stock exhaust header pipes, therefore some aftermarket exhausts may not fit without modification. Concerning the fork oil, I took back the 20 wt. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed -DESCRIPTION- CI-XS400FDBT *78-82 Yamaha XS400 Front Fork Seal Dust Boots Set Reproduction Reference Yamaha Parts Number: 1L9-23144-00 any ideas or comments from changing fork oil i know just drain and fill but is there something that could be put in and clean, forks are fine and no leaks just got 5000 miles on a 75 cb750 four thanks Oil pressure is provided by the trochoidal pump, driven by a steel spur gear off the crankshaft. 7,351 miles. The Web's most trusted source for Yamaha XS400 Fork Seals. Aug 24, 2010 Either 10W40 or 20W50. fork oil amounts for a Yamaha GT 80 are 108 to 116cc's per fork tube. Japanese Alternative) Xs400 1979 3n7 Europe 293n6-300e1 The 09125312003P Oil Seal, Fork Kit (non O. The XS250 & XS360 are nearly identical variations of the same XS400 platform. However, with the fork legs removed from the bike, I had a hard time getting the fork springs out. fork ears headlight mounts brackets. I have at least 2 options for my bike. Be aware that if you are installing an A non-adjustable telescopic fork controlled the front wheel, while a swingarm and 5-way adjustable shocks were fitted at the rear. Huge stocks, fast worldwide shipping directly from Japan. 5mm - LOWEST PRICES ON THE WEB - Same day dispatch and offering next day UK delivery direct from stock. It also is on the thin side and can cause really soft suspension compared to a good fork oil. The most expensive part in this assembly is the Tube, Outer (l. your choice. O. Could someone confirm this is the correct amount of fork oil to use when doing and drain and refill rather than a complete re-build? 1980 XS650 Find great deals on eBay for xs400 forks. The Yamaha XS400 was produced by Yamaha from 1976 to 1982. The XS360 and XS400 are fitted with an oil filter screen in the sump. Yamaha XS 400 1977 - 1981 Show 3L Fork Oil Seal Kit. Shop thousands of aftermaket parts for motorcycles, ATVs and more. com progressive front fork springs new fork oil and seals, and tires. 754740 Fork Oil Seals (Pair) - Yamaha SR500 78-83. DOES NOT FIT STANDARD, DOHC, OR MAXIM MODELS. Stroke the fork a few times to get all the oil out. With the fork back together, but before installing the spring or spacer, collapse the fork (fully depressed) and pour in your favorite fork oil (THIS is an affordable oil I often use that can be purchased through Amazon – MotoPreserve may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post). When I removed the rubber caps on top I, and my motorcycle maintenance mentor,  Here's our hand-picked list of parts and accessories for your Yamaha XS400▻ . Sold in pairs. Fits: 35mm. If I remember right, it was like 9 bucks fo a liter!! Okay, I won't guarantee it for accuracy but here's a bunch of info I've stolen from this and other websites on that very subject. 54-5. Hold the fork upright and put the funnel into the top. View linked machines. In 1978, Yamaha decided to upgrade its displacement to a 400cc and the XS400 was created. 4into1 Fork & Dust Seal Kit - Compatible with Yamaha XS360 1976-1977 XS400 & Maxim 1977-1981. Product description: Aesthetically, the horn holder moves your horn sideways underneath the tank. Brand new · All Well, I got back down to MotoPreserve and finished up the Honda CB 550 fork rebuild. It gives your front an expertly tidy touch. e. Motor oil can be used but I like actual fork oil because it was designed to be used as a damping fluid and resists foaming better and is more consistent then regular oil. All PT fork stanchions include shuttle valves where necessary. I am going to change the fork oil while Im in there but was wondering what weight of oil to use. Yamaha Corporation (ヤマハ株式会社 Yamaha Kabushiki Gaisha?) (TYO: 7951) is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate based in Japan with a very wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment. Your motorcycle's engine loves fresh oil and at MotoSport we stock a variety of oil and other lubricants from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. bought for my girlfriends first street bike. 5 Thread Pitch Just ordered new front fork springs (Eibach Fork Springs 47kg Rate) and rear spring (Eibach Shock Spring -11. Yamaha Xs360 Xs400 Xs400d Xs400e Xs400g Ttr125 Fork Seals Oem 1l9-23145-00-00 Yamaha Xs360. Originals sag up to 1. Greetings i am selling my air-cooled yamaha xs400. Custom elastomer fork seals have been tested to Manual Yamaha XS 400 1977-1982 2A2. 82 oz. I changed the fork oil a few weeks ago and installed some fork gaiters. Anyways. ) of 10wt. , Front Fork, Spring, Rebound. Here’s our hand-picked list of parts and accessories for your Yamaha XS400 with universal parts included Oil filters, springs & o-rings Fork & suspension tools Oil Filters The original oil filter is no longer available, although some dealers are known to have a few on their shelves. Check to see if  Results 1 - 48 of 1830 1 x Yamaha Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit 5JH-F3144-00 F3145 5HT . Motorcycle fork oil is subjected to a very wide range of temperatures, even in normal touring use. 4 oz. Shop online for OEM Front Fork parts that fit your 1981 Yamaha XS400 (XS400H), search all our OEM Parts or call at 1-800-253-7667 YAMAHA FRONT FORK Oil Seal 77-82 XS400/76-77 XS360 - $13. Use a fork oil or ATF 10 is a middle of the raod and is quite universally accepted. Completely refurbished xs400, electric start, new battery, new gas tank w coated interior, new steel brake line, new handle bars, new signals, new fork seals, new wrapped pipes, new exhaust, new front tire, new rear tire, tuned carbs, goes like '$÷^) 100mph ez, xtra parts motor, xtra refurbished carbs. ” Carburation The AG needs 15wt oil and I’m not sure of the viscosity of ATF, some say between 7. It's really a shame no one with the resources to do so ever did a Hollander like exchange for motorcycles like has been around for cars for 50 plus years. 96in (7in), measured from the top of the fork tube. Shop with confidence. Fork oil and ATF synthetic or mineral have sealswell agents in them that keep the sealssoft pliable and help prevent leaks. The horn is thereby discreetly embedded into the overall appearance of your custom motorcycle and is no longer in the primary field of view. CB900F, 1981, 56-125. garage kept, in great condition. 1982 Yamaha - $76. atf or what ever oil will depend on how it feels to you,,ive used atf in dirt bikes for years,my fork oil of choice in this respect,i like a heavier than trans oil engine oil in my 500 forks,,like 15/40,just my liking,,if yours feel too soft or bouncy just go up oil weight,,its a good flush for the fork anyway. 51 530 Chain Natural, Front And Rear Sprocket Kit For Yamaha Xs400 Maxim 1982-1983 Yamaha Fork Oil Seal Tt225 Rz350 Ttr230 Xt225 Xj750 Xs400 1977-15 Nos 34x-23156 Ttr230 Yamaha 1977-15 Xj750 Seal 34x-23156 Oil Nos Xs400 Xt225 Fork Tt225 Rz350. 464 items, Exhausts, Bodyworks, Engine Parts, Handles & Control Parts and more for YAMAHA XS400 at Webike. Oil change and new 754740 Fork Oil Seals (Pair) - Yamaha XS400 (DOHC) 82-85. Change the front fork springs. The XS400 also carried the legacy of model options along with varied pricing. Weight, 182 kg (401 lb) (wet). Also, the fork oil capacity is 412 ml which equals 13. The first two aren’t likely to come to North America and the third might never see production. Once I replaced my fork seals with new ones and put in ATF instead of fork oil I had a very heavy, steady front end They should NOT dive at all. Improving visibility of Remove the spring and drain the oil into a container. Yamaha Closing Cap Standpipe DT80 LC XS400 12E 12F XJ750 Seca  829 products Shop the best 1981 Yamaha XS400 Parts & Accessories for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Mount your mirror to the standpipes of your custom motorcycle with the mirror holder. Yamaha XS400 & Maxim 77-81 Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit 33x46. Description. Buy Bikemaster O. The Yamaha XS400 was also on Yamaha’s best sellers list. Change the fork oil. Side note: I had trouble finding the exact diameter of the "Yamaha special tool"(fork seal driver) and got a universal driver. Here’s our hand-picked list of parts and accessories for your Yamaha XS400 with universal parts included Magnetic Oil Drain Plug 14mm Diameter 1. 1982 Yamaha XS400 Maxim Parts & Accessories at RevZilla. 99. Xs400g Seals 1l9-23145-00-00 Fork Ttr125 Xs400d Oem Xs400e Yamaha Xs400 Xs360 Seals Yamaha Ttr125 Xs400 Fork Xs360 Xs400e Oem Xs400g 1l9-23145-00-00 Xs400d Yamaha Xs360. An alternative is to fit the replacement filter kit from Yamaha. Cheap insurance 300 p yr Motorcycles United BV is a distributor focused on Cafe Racer, Scrambler and Custom bike parts. All Oil Seals and Dust Wipers are made in Japan. )  I want to replace the fork oil in my 1981 XS400SH (4R4). Have you some tips to do this job easyly ? What tools must to have, is there some specific tools ??? I am waiting your informations to do this job. CHASSIS/SUSPENSION New Öhlins® Gas-Charged NPX Fork For 2020, the YZF-R1M features Öhlins® latest NPX fork system. M Fork Oil Seal at chapmoto. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests: I dont like ATF, it can cause fork seal leaks if they were marginal to begin with. remove the cable from front wheel to speedo, lube it with 3 in 1 oil (or any other thin oil), remove speedometer and put a few drops of oil where the the cable goes into it. fork spring out, forks compressed and mark the measuring apperatus (a metal tube i had laying around) pour in oil till it hits the bottom of the tube. Skip to main content. this lovely bike is a nice mix of modern and vintage with an aesthetically pleasing angular design. I see nothing wrong with using "non" fork oil, though. new tapered steering head bearings, progressive front fork springs with new fork seals and oil, new battery, tires, oil change. is a Yamaha Front Fork Oil Seal for a 77-82 XS400/ 76-77 XS360. Also available are genuine NOK Fork Dust Wiper seals for popular models as listed. Motor oil does not. Suspension, F: Telescoping fork. We have thousands of quality used motorcycle parts for your vintage Honda or Yamaha street bike. 1980 Yamaha XS400 XS400SG Your bike was great off the lot, but it’s time to make it truly yours with new parts. Slowly, pour the new fork oil into the top of the inner tube. bolt on forward controls for all years of the Yamaha XS400 Special SOHC 6 Speed Twin from 1977-1982. Whether your interest is Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Choppers, Brats, Trackers, Scramblers or you just want something a little different for your current ride, you are sure to find the parts you need right here. I had to pull the fork legs to put the gaiters on, but it really wasn't a big job. and exchanged it for 10wt. Size 33 x 46 x 10. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed TC Bros. The main bearings, transmission main shaft, clutch bushing, shifter fork guide bar, and rocker arms are lubricated by pressurized oil, whereas the rest of the engine is lubricated by “oil splash, this includes the big ends . See more like this YAMAHA XS250,XS360,XS400 FRAME FORK FRONT FORK OIL SEAL(33X46X10. Shop the best 1977 Yamaha XS400 Oils & Chemicals for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Get free shipping BikeMaster Black Spin On Oil Filter. Pre-Owned. FRONT FORK OIL Use SUZUKI FORK OIL SS-08 (#10) or an equivalent fork oil. This part may go to other vehicles. Shopping for Cheap Front fork oil seal at AHL Official Store and more from seal dust,seal oil,fork seal yamaha,yamaha motorcycle shocks,yamaha forks,front fork honda on Aliexpress. 99 $ 10. )  Results 1 - 48 of 463 Get the best deal for Motorcycle Fork Seals for Yamaha XS400 from the largest online selection at eBay. Find great deals on eBay for yamaha xs400. This consists of a new filter mounting boss, together with a standard oil filter as fitted to the FZR600 / XJ600. Shop online for OEM Front Fork parts that fit your 1981 Yamaha XS400 (XS400H), search all our OEM Parts or call at 1-866-842-0086 Dime City Cycles is the premier choice for DIY custom motorcycle parts, accessories and life style gear. There's a chance I may attend. Both front and rear wheels were cast alloy with a single disc brake. Brakes, F: Single-piston disc R: Drum. Not only that, but we have them all in-stock and ready to ship today. Based on the “oil” that came out of the forks, I would say this was LONG overdue… The Honda CB 550 fork rebuild procedure… The last thing I needed to do was replace the fork oil seal from the fork lower. The service guide will show you what tools are required and provide excellent step-by-step guidance for getting the fork service done. Also, I found this in the back of my Clymers under the '78 and Later supplement. YAMAHA 1978 XS400 XS 400 Front Fork Forks (lowers). you should use 10w motorcycle fork oil. A pair of high quality aftermarket fork oil seals - dimensions: 35 x 48 x 11mm - one pair of seals supplied. 754740 Fork Oil Seals (Pair) - Yamaha XS650 SE 79-81. You can still look us up using Google or similar if needed. The XS400 was especially anticipated, because its 2-stroke sibling had been the fastest of the 400s to that point. 1981 Yamaha XS400 Y697. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Silkolene 1981 Yamaha XS400 Parts & Accessories & motorcycle parts. We also carry Yamaha XS fork seals and dust caps from K&S and Parts Plus, damper bolts and damper bolt washers, and fork tube caps and damper bolts. Click & Collect. Find great deals on eBay for xs400 forks. I have a complete original exhaust I'd like to fit, but I need a number of gaskets and mounting bits, plus I'd hate to get "stuck" with an exhaust stud that broke. E. clean title in hand. You’ll enjoy our no-hassle return policy and all orders over $89 receive free shipping, so you can shop with complete confidence at Dennis Kirk! It really depends on whether or not you're comfortable with the work. Yamaha fans expecting to hear big news from the Tuning Fork brand at Intermot may be a bit disappointed the Cologne show only brought us a refreshed XJR1300, the MT-07 Moto Cage stunt variant and a futuristic three-wheeled concept model. selling it beacuse she no longer rides it. Oil Seal, Fork Kit (non O. Most orders ship the same day at Niche Cycle Supply | Call us 727-342-5601. there is no heater. Also if the fork is inverted it'll eventually bleed more and it just But never leave your garage unprepared. What is the fork oil capacity of a 1973 Hi, i must change Fork oil on my old Yamaha 1981 XS 400. This N. Search and purchase a large selection of new and used Yamaha XS 400 Fork Tubes and Stanchions motorcycle parts in the largest online replacement parts online network. Japanese Quality Oil Seals 1977-1983 Yamaha XS400 Oil Filter - (3 pieces) $10. S. forks on 1978-84 XS650's. Take your plastic cup out into the garage and fill it to the marker line with new fork oil. $12. ,for all the two stroke dudes we always ran atf in the transmissions,i ran the The Yamaha XS400 was produced by Yamaha from 1976 to 1982. CB1000C, 1983, 56-125. 5 to 10wt so you may find the forks a bit quicker on the rebound action but what the heck…my view is that use proper fork oil if you can but if its a 100km trip to get it and/or you have a heap of ATF hanging around your workshop then give it a go. If you can do things like change the oil on your machine, or servicing the carburetors, replacing the fork seals isn't that tricky. old oil that was in there! I think 15W would have been a good compromise. A full line of Yamaha XS650 parts are manufactured in the USA by TC Bros Choppers. all original, everything works, runs and rides great. Our line of new Yamaha fork tube sets eliminates those issues. I think new fork oil would be enough at I used the factory recommended amount and 10W on my SG. Many bikes are still running with the original oil (or none). Contact Us. Buy All Balls Fork Seal And Wiper Kit Replacement For 95 HONDA CR250: Seals - Amazon. This is still the same 5th Gear Parts you have all come to know and love over the years, we just gave our website an upgrade. If you overfill it you can use the the tube to extract by merely sealing the end with thumb and lifting out the fluid in the tube. 9oz per leg, not 6oz. See more like this All Balls 55-107 Yamaha XS400 XS 400 1978-1979 Fork Oil Seal Kit 33x46. R: Dual adjustable shock absorber. Modern amenities likes a disc brake, cdi ignition and direct mounted mono-shock rear suspension improve the bike's performance, safety and reliability. Most performance models are now available in genuine NOK anti-stiction material. 5 US gal). 89 Join the Community to be Updated First on Specials and Latest Deals. I owe you guys a thorough write up on my fork seals/fork oil change. The adjustable Damper Valve make rod style fork dampers perform like modern cartridge style forks. High quality fork seals available for virtually every brand and model sold in the XS400 1977 - 1980. Of course that depends on how much oil it's leaking. Yamaha XS 400 Motorcycle Replacement Spares and Parts. Fuel capacity, 17 L (4. CBR600F4, 1999‑00  Fork Seals Great prices on in stock items. Rust spots on fork tubes can cut the oil seals, causing fork oil to leak and leading to multiple problems. Shop our large selection of 1978 Yamaha XS400-2E OEM Parts, original equipment manufacturer parts and more online or call at Oil & Maintenance. Yamaha XS400 Fork Stanchion (78-82) are a high quality, aftermarket fork tube and come ready to fit. Browse your favorite brands  Oct 27, 2014 Yamaha fork oil, SAE 20W motor oil, or SAE 10W-30 motor oil is Fork capacities are as follows: X5360 XS-100D XS400-2E 130 cc (4. C 79 Yamaha XS400 Right Chrome Fork Ear Cover, XS 400 ? amount of fork oil in forks (Posted by StuD) RE: ? amount of fork oil in forks (Posted by StuD) wheel bearings (Posted by Rach) Leaky oil seals (Posted by \\\'82Maxim XS400) What is the headlight bulb diameter size for 81 xs400 ? (Posted by Samueld81@gmail) RE: What is the headlight bulb diameter size for 81 xs400 ? (Posted by John H) We have the the Yamaha Fork Oil you're looking for, rounded up in one spot for your shopping convenience. if they are diving, you may not have enough oil in there to see how leaky they are. If you're looking for show and racing quality Yamaha Fork Oil, look no further! Motorcycle Fork Oil Change on 1977 Yamaha RD400 Submitted by need4speed on Sun, 01/30/2011 - 13:56 The procedure is very similar for most of the 1970's 1980's motorcycles. By utilizing a pressurized nitrogen chamber similar to a rear shock, oil cavitation is essentially eliminated to deliver consistent damping under the toughest conditions with unmatched ride quality and feel. We offer a lot of handmade products, fast and cheap shipping and Fork Oil Seals Yamaha XS400 SE 1980-81, Pair of Fork Oil Seals Yamaha XS400 SE 1980 1981 33mm x 46mm x 10. I used the 40-41mm driver to set the oil seal, and 42-43mm to set the dust seal, but I believe you can get away with the 43mm alone. The most reasonably priced component used on the Xs400 1979 3n7 Europe 293n6-300e1 Front Fork is the Washer(526). com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China Motorcycle Fork Oils by Weight & Viscosity If you are looking for Motorcycle Fork Oil then you have come to the right place, we've a massive range of hand picked hydraulic suspension fluid to choose from. 5kg Rate ) for 1999 XR400. From Australia; TNK FORK TUBE STANDARD CHROMED YAMAHA XS 400 CUSTOM 400 1988. my first bike was a brand new 1982 xs400 when i was 17, ah the memories I changed the fork oil a few weeks ago and installed some fork gaiters. has Fork Oil and Dust Seal Kit by All Balls®. The newer fork drivers are way too big at 44-48mm general average. The result is hopefully smoother, more stable ride. The Best suspension upgrade modification for the XS650 Shop the best Silkolene 1981 Yamaha XS400 Parts & Accessories for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. Once all of the oil is in, slide the inner tube up and down slowly to really work the new oil into the damper rod. Good ones won't let go of the fork leg, bad ones usually let the leg go because of lack of oil pressure inside the fork. 5) 2PCS PAIR. Best selection and great deals for 1982 Yamaha XS400 Maxim items. 1983 Yamaha XS400 & Maxim Motorcycle All Balls Fork Oil Seal & Dust Seal Kit See more like this. OIL FILTER   Feb 5, 2012 A fresh set of fork springs and seals for the Yamaha FZR 600. RX125 TWIN RX100 RD125 HOUSING MASTER BRAKE OIL. I believe the manual was referring to the range of appropriate oil as 10, 20, 30. 5. Dennis Kirk has been the leader in the powersports industry since 1969, so you can rest assured that we have your back when it comes to bringing you the best 1978 Yamaha XS400 products. The biggest socket you will need is a 32mm socket for the fork cap nuts. Japanese Alternative) can be ordered. 08. Fork Dust Seals Set/2 35 X 53 OEM Ref # 91254-434-003. Front Fork Damper Valves (Pr/2) Tuneable Valves are installed on top of the front fork dampening rods and below the fork springs. com website. Replaced the fork oil Replaced the fork seals Replaced the front brake fluid Replaced the front brake pads Replaced the front brake master cylinder Replaced the spark plugs Replaced the head gasket Cleaned the carbs Balanced the carbs Checked the float levels on the carbs Replaced the gear shifter (it was held together with electrical tape) 1983 Yamaha XS400 Parts & Accessories at RevZilla. 5" over time. -DESCRIPTION- CI-XS400FDBT *78-82 Yamaha XS400 Front Fork Seal Dust Boots Set Reproduction Reference Yamaha Parts Number: 1L9-23144-00 Welcome to the brand new 5thGearParts. Yamaha XS400, 1977-1981, Fork Seal and Wiper Set NOS Yamaha XS360 XS400 Goki Air & Oil Fork How to rebuild the forks and seals on a 1978 Yamaha XS400 how to replace motorcycle fork seals and oil for easy suspension maintenance Riding the XS400 around Golden Gate Canyon fork oil amounts for a Yamaha GT 80 are 108 to 116cc's per fork tube. I could also plan to service the front forks, which seems lower risk. And if you are measuring the oil level then you completely compress the suspension, remove the springs, and add oil to the height of 6. h). 99 1982 Yamaha Xs400 Maxim Xs 400 Y608-1 Left Side Exhaust Muffler Header Pipes Dynojet Stage - $101. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket 1977 Yamaha XS400 Oils & Chemicals & motorcycle parts. 09125-312-003P is the manufacturerc Yamaha Fork Oil Seal Tt225 Rz350 Ttr230 Xt225 Xj750 Xs400 1977-15 Nos 34x-23156 1977-15 Oil Nos Xj750 Xt225 Ttr230 34x-23156 Rz350 Seal Tt225 Fork Yamaha Xs400. This 275 page, high quality reproduction of the original out of print 1977-1981 Yamaha XS360 XS400 Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for Yamaha XS400H/SH motorcycles. The XS250 & XS360 are Weight is approximately 182 kg (401 lb) (including oil, gas , etc. I used a good synthetic motorcylce oil but if you want to use regular oil thats ok as long as you change it at its normal  cc, OEM, Model, Year, Fork Oil Seal and Dust Seal Kit. Purchase custom motorcycle parts from the TC Bros online store. xs400 fork oil

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