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Try 0. This includes joysticks  GlovePie docs - Free download as (. Mouse to Joystick script for Glovepie « on: 07:29 AM - 07/24/10 » I made this little script so I could hotkey a button to make the mouse act like a joystick (got tired of picking up the mouse a million times to move the camera in tanks and vehicles on bc2). Configure your virtual joysticks with x and y axis, 1 "4 directions" POV and 9 buttons. well gentlemen you will thank me for this , once you know this , your imagination is the limit! watch my tutorial its very extensive but the only software you will need is just voice attack! dont worry about the other stuff i mention! watch other more simple videos about voice attack! mine is for hardcore control ! Glovepie scripting help? - posted in Ask for Help: HelloI´ve been recommended ask from here help to my problem. You can now try pressing one of the shift buttons (Start or Back) and see if the GlovePIE debug text (normally "No Shift") changes to indicate the shift state. Thanks very much for your script. Another way to use a variable, like in the average programming language is “var. Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:38 pm. Translation Software. I made a small fix for the G25 steering wheel because the G25 feels a bit weird when using the LilyPad plugin, after a lot of tries tweaking the axis sensitivity I didn't get what I was expecting to, I just got a huge central dead zone or twichy movements, so I took the PPJoy + GlovePIE way. For example, I won't be able to start the game or open my browser. You need a Wii-Mote, and a Bluetooth Adapter for your PC. Nov 14, 2012 GlovePie [No Longer Available]. If you want to submit a script please email it to This is the companion thread to the "Fun With Glovepie" tutorial thread. As of 2013, however, Glovepie seems to be a dead and thoroughly hacked project Glovepie Wiimote Wii To Midi - Controller For Ableton Live - Tutorial wooooooooeeeee xD LOCO Dec 31, 2009 With GlovePIE you can now play any game, or control any software or MIDI devices, using whatever controls you want. View New Posts I even went to the basic and used a script from a tutorial and followed it as it was said didn't work. It’s your call as this option will eat your battery GlovePIE is an application that is primarily used to control the computer using the virtual reality glove. Being able to write a script in GlovePIE is pretty simple, especially with previous programming experience. :D I've noticed quite a lot of people are intersted in using the mouse steering in games such as Assetto Corsa, Project CARS 2, etc. Not many software packages can use a Wiimote input data so GlovePIE works by taking input from one device (e. txt. Problem dissolves when I close GlovePIE with taskmanager. Due to Glovepie forum is down, one guy say that here is lot of experience how to do those scripts? First, I´m paralyzed from neck down without any finger functions left. com/glovepie_download I can not solve the problems of the wiimote in dolphin. FreePIE is very similar to the popular utility GlovePIE, but encourages open development and integration with any device. Project64 and GlovePIE configuration files for the Wii Classic Controller. So I'm just wondering if there's a way to setup the left analog axis to 4 direction keys in glovepie then I don't need to open ppjoy keyboard at all. HID Wiimote is a Windows Device Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote. GlovePIE. It has applications primarily in video gaming but can also be used for VR interaction, remote control, and other applications. hit the RUN button on the launched glove pie 8. see for example this tutorial, and this one, ignore the unrelated video; I've also seen musicians using wiimote/glovepie setups at gigs, creating some really unique sounds). GlovePIE isn't just for the Wiimote; you can map the PS3 controller as well, or just purely PC stuff too. Can anyone post a tutorial on how to configure ControllerMate for  and use my script, by copying and pasting it in glovepie, saving it, and . Now you have to find out what your key in GlovePie means. mouse). “Glovepie doesn´t currently support Kinect but there is a work around using OSC messages inside Glovepie and using the Glovenect OSC client which sends the OpenNi Skeleton´s nodes in separate OSC messages which can be read by Glovepie and thus allowing you to use Kinect emulating any kind of Input device that glovepie supports. After following this tutorial you should have the skills to code for any other game. Hi all, If anyone was looking to try voice commands but doesn't want to buy voice attack (only $8, I have my reasons though) there is another option if you are a bit savvy Wiimotes are great for this, and Glovepie used to be the standard way to make this work (e. 6 i believe i've always wanted to be able to play minecraft with the Wii remote so i've recently made a script in GlovePIE that will let me do just A generator that can create importable Dragon Age: Origins for Dragon Age 2 with user-specified options for plot, characters, etc Also there is a Mass Effect 2 save editor that you can download. kenner. Programmable Input Emulator (GlovePIE or PIE) Download my Programmable Input Emulator . You can play computer sounds such as the exclamation sound by typing “beepExclamation”. GlovePie (Glove Programmable input emulator) is an application specifically this device to control programs that are used with a keyboard, mouse or joystick. I just wanted to control the mouse cursor with the Wiimote D-pad plus be able to zoom in on photos (without using a sensor bar, candles etc. Use Wiimote on PC as a Controller/Mouse In the glovepie download there is a FreePIE (Programmable Input Emulator) is a C# utility for bridging and emulating input devices. Quote asuseroako : I'll share with you my Arma 3 GlovePIE script plus a short tutorial on how to download GlovePIE files, use GlovePIE and load fast the script in GlovePIE GUI. A video tutorial on how to use the wiimote to control a Lego NXT robot. I had some . Also try // commenting out your modules // until something actually works properly. variable ++”. How to configure a wiimote for EQASCOM (EQMOD driver) to control your telescope If you have set up a goto system on a PC with EQMOD for your German Equatorial Mount, you probably now want to connect a joystick to it for fine manual tracking. Need some help using GlovePIE. For instance, you could map a mouse to act as a virtual joystick (you'd need to use the program PPJoy as well for that though, as it's what GlovePIE uses for any virtual joystick things). I've had a few people asking for help getting Midiyoke and Glovepie working together on Windows 7 in order to run scripts for modded gear. Glovepie script presets. net/community/tutorials/voicewebstudio/salt/  Wiimote and Glovepie: Glovepie is a program by Carl Kenner that allows you to write codes that link the Wiimote into your PCA special thanks to Carl Kenner,  Use PPJoy (64bit version here) to create a virtual joystick, then use GlovePIE to run a script which maps the physical joystick controls to virtual  a download link? Also, when I try the gh3 scripts in glovepie, it. Asuseroako submitted an updated version of his GlovePIE Basic Script plus Launcher so you can use GlovePIE to issue voice commands in Arma 3. However, it has more functionalities of accepting signals from wide varieties of devices such as Wii Gear and further translating them into actions that are similar to mouse and keyboard events. I now spent about 5 hours until I finaly got my wiimote connected with my new HTPC and to set everything up so that the wiimote autoconnects with the 1+2 and Bluesoleil + GlovePIE. But some games just don't allow you to use it like F1 2018, Wreckfest. pdf), Text File (. It is thought to be made for the Wii remote or wiimote but it is not. So, the first step is to grab my script which was designed just for x360ce. First I tried Time Crisis in MAME at first, while I had GlovePie going and the Wiimote working, only the mouse let me aim the cursor and not the Wiimote. . 3-21| These are the controls themselves, You're going to want to change the Letters like you would a regular GlovePIE Script I tried to make the Variable names as obvious as possible, but if you're confused, I have a example tutorial profile in the script itself that describes what each of the variables do. I downloaded a version from here which I scanned with two separate antivirus/malware It is a current "driver" for the Wiimote. I can configure the buttons for myselfe then Run the GlovePIE script. Sep 22, 2017 GlovePIE is a program intended to emulate computer input hardware, such as joysticks and keyboards. 13 Jun 2011 GlovePIE stands for Glove programmable input emulator. Welcome to the FreePIE wiki!. Due to what I am guessing is a bug in GooglePages or in Tutorial #2: Restarting Glovepie/Loading another script Glovepie has various command line options, which is good for us as we can launch it from our frontend of choice, but it allows multiple instances of itself to exist and there isn't anyway to close glovepie from the command line. g. I didn't scripted this i felt the necessity of having the guitar working 100% so i have compile different scripts into one that has all the features, tilt your guitar up to get starpower and use the whammy bar for killswitch i wanna thank everyone who wrote the pieces of this small but very efficent script hope ya like it! feel free to modify like i did! lol! Script w/ GlovePie Ive looked eberywhere online for a script for arma 3 to no avail. FreePIE (Programmable Input Emulator) is a application for bridging and emulating input devices. i got stuck to the loading screen after tutorial please welp! May 1, 2011 Ultimately, I used GlovePIE and PPJoy for PC to provide the virtual 'stick . PoisonedPanther has a link in his Wii Guitar on PC tutorial. If you are signed into your account, you will see all your subscription updates right on the home screen of the app. My first tutorial. If so learn how to use your wiimote on your pc with this wiimote on pc tutorial. The stick works fine, it's just that sometimes it doesn't center exactly and new midi data of course tells Live to stop playing back already recorded automation data for that cc. 29 to date). You go into the room with a soldier and some other guy and then the code pops up in the middle of your screen. Learn how to program conditionals - if, if/then, and if/else statements - in GlovePie. 50161/page-7#post-794197 . Followers 0 [Tutorial] Joystick settings for PPjoy and GlovePie Now open GlovePIE, and copy past the code for "Wiimote Mouse" into the command window, and press go. rtf), PDF File (. By the end of this video you will be able to receive button presses from the Wiimote, as well as raw accelerometer data. Yeah I saw that Glovepie. This concludes the glovepie tutorial. Subscription updates: we’ve made it easier to access new videos from your subscriptions. rar Open the debug. the most i have gotten it to do is light the LED and read the tilt on the guitar. I'm not the It is assumed in this tutorial that PPJoy and GlovePIE are properly installed and working. x today and it worked straight away with GlovePIE. 43. 56322. In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to setup mouse steering in any racing game like F1 2018 using PPJoy and GlovePIE. In our case the something is “Wiimote button B pressed” and the this is mapping the. 1) Double click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray. It has expanded very far and can handle many different inputs including voice. 43 without Emotiv support if you have any trouble. Here's the GlovePIE script if anyone is after something like this: In this tutorial I will show you how to setup the wiimote for playing any game on the Xbox360. Glovepie is a programmable input emulator. py The variables work very well for everything you do and will be used in almost every program. Now restart your computer and start everything up; and now when you play on your Midi Keyboard you should be able to type which allows for free playing in roblox, Garrys mod, and virtual piano. Neil. You need to change the joy1. As far as I'm aware this is the first real playable fps which uses kinect gestures. 45 working. Now Nintendo Wii Remote shows up in main window of Bluetooth manager You are done connecting Wii Remote, it can now be used, however you can't use it as normal game controller by default, 3rd party softwares are needed, see GlovePIE tutorial to learn how to use Wii Remote + Nunchuk as mouse or keyboard. Secondly, sometimes when I run my script glovepie won't let me click anything outside its window (even when minimized), but I can still stop GlovePIE and edit script. GlovePIE stands for Glove programmable input emulator. FreePIE script to use up tu 4 wiimotes and nunchucks with vJoy. 2. As of 2013, however, Glovepie seems to be a dead and thoroughly hacked project Intro: Wiimote and Glovepie. Other tutorials: Apr 5, 2017 GlovePIE is a lightweight tool that can emulate a vast array of input devices, Even though the app includes a Help section and even a tutorial,  Jul 25, 2008 Yeah, I'm uploading this script now, I have to say my impressions of what this game would be for something made in two weeks are way off. but still playing FPS games. Mar 4, 2007 This is where GlovePie will be helpful, to convert the signals received and return Now, start GlovePie (version 0. I use GlovePIE + PPJoy to create a virtual combined axis from my T500 clutch/gas pedals for flight sims. Here is the file that I have: GlovePIE download link; Any version should work, but I've had trouble getting 0. It contains functions that can work with a number of input devices such as Wii-Remote, Wii Fit Balance Boards, Playstation 3 Gamepads, 3D- controllers and many more. Glovepie is a program by Carl Kenner that allows you to write codes that link the Wiimote into your PCA special thanks to Carl Kenner. EDCodex is a database of currently approx 200 tools,threads,websites,videos for ED. Topics Author Replies Views Last post ; Announcements: MTBS' Ultimate VR Shopping Guide ONLINE: Neil. Installation 6. I miss using them for powerpoint presentations using GlovePIE. There are separate sections for users who use the PC, Mac or Wii plastic guitar. As of the writing of this entry, no detailed text tutorials have been found. Please try again later. I believe there was even a video out there with that mission. I'm only putting this on newgrounds because I can't find another site to upload . ago (0 children). So, you might want to consider choosing Use voice activation mode as that will let you start voice recognition without a keyboard. Lag = 2, and change the value to zero, the delay should be disappear. GuitarHero) submitted 1 year ago by aidangoa So I've been trying for hours to get the script for gh3 to work with my wii guitar (yes it's a les paul) but to no avail. GlovePIE is a piece of software that allows you to map glove or joystick movements to keyboard pr Welcome to the tutorial, we will be showing you how to set up your plastic guitar. The Glove Programmable Input Emulator started life as a way to emulate a joystick and keyboard with the  May 26, 2010 If you have a PC, try GlovePIE instead of OSCulator. 0. It will open by default with a blank project. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search You can connect your Nintendo Wii Wiimote to your PC using GlovePie input emulation software and a bluetooth connection. en. voicewebsolutions. exe 7. The top left corner is reported by glovepie as (0,0), but the centre of the screen is actually at (512, 384). Watching Youtube tutorial videos provided by user theriddler24 can be quite useful for newbies. A controller can take many forms, including game control pads, joysticks and the Wii remote! I've been playing Minecraft and earlier today I thought if its possible to play with the classic controller (I thought it would be ideal seeing as it has two analog sticks and such). Select the "GUI" tab, near the top of the GlovePIE window. I am Supersillykid556 i've been playing minecraft since before a few updates when pistons came in Beta 1. com/ GlovePIE script for SDVX III cloud //change the Hi. Hope it helps! ya hemos visto como conectar nuestro wiimote a la pc ahora aprenderemos hacer script para darle la funciones que queremos a nuestro wiimote para esto necesitamos dos aplicaciones una es el glovepie q nos permite programar el wiimote y darle la funcion q queremos y la otra es el ppjoy q nos permite crear un joystick virtual con al cual le asignamos los botonos y sensores del wiimote para jugar OK, here is how I was able to use the Wii-Mote in Windows using a program called GlovePIE by Carl Kenner. Using a bluetooth adapter with BlueSoleil software, however, you can connect your Wii Remote to a computer running Windows and I dont know how you dont know that. This feature is not available right now. Now you’ll select an activation mode. ya hemos visto como conectar nuestro wiimote a la pc ahora aprenderemos hacer script para darle la funciones que queremos a nuestro wiimote How to Use Your Wii Remote As a Mouse on Windows. Xbox360 Controller Emulator ∞ - This program allows you to emulate a virtual Xbox360 guitar using any generic controller. GlovePIE is a program intended to emulate computer input hardware, such as joysticks and keyboards. The software is designed to allow third  Sep 19, 2015 RMX Automation (home page, source code); GlovePIE (home page); Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote Library includes sourcecode and  16 results Tutorial - how to make your weapon / armor to level up together with your A GlovePIE controller script for use with the Dragon Age games that will let  A Wii remote; A Compatible software (such as GlovePIE). WII to MIDI WALKTHRU for Windows by Eric Medine aka MKultra: This is a tutorial on how to mix video using a Nintendo Wii controller and VJ Software such as Resolume or Isadora for your PC. org now that it is hacked. As its name suggests, its original intention was for the use of VR gloves, but some time ago it was updated to include scripting for the Nintendo Wii Remote. Blender Chroma Key Tutorial Pulling A Chroma Key With Spectramatte From Start To Finish, Blender Chroma Key Tutorial A Tutorial I Created Showing How To Chroma Key In Blender 268 As An, Blender Chroma Key Tutorial Video Tutorial Chroma Key En Blender 25 Espaol Youtube,… [Tutorial] Joystick settings for PPjoy and GlovePie, Originally by Bedazzled Sign in to follow this . GlovePIE latest version: Get Any Game Working With A Glove or Joystick. Hello Allow me to introduce myself. x to joy2 or joy3 etc and click run and use the X-Axis and when you see that the first value is changing, you know you controller. I'm interested to know how well that I did writing the tutorial, script, ect. This is an alternate method to play JamLegend rather than using a keyboard. If you go into the Midi to Letter script on glovepie and find the line of code that says: var. Thanks. Here's a quick tutorial on binding one keyboard key to another in GlovePIE. txt) or read You can use the Say command to make GlovePIE speak: . GlovePie¶. I could not however get it working with this AHK script (The test one I talked about that can only be downloaded via the Joomla version of this forum) - though that may be because the AHK script is designed for AHK_X32 when I only have AHK_L. I use the arrow keys in place of WASD, so here's how to bind 'w' to the up arrow key: Run GlovePIE. This tutorial describes how to connect the Wiimote and start GlovePIE, but does not go into details about how to use GlovePIE, which has it's own scripting language. Don't worry, this coding language is very simple and easy to pick up. Part of the reason using speech recognition on Surface tablets is so handy is because you don’t always have a keyboard. GlovePIE is a lightweight tool that can emulate a vast array of input devices, Even though the app includes a Help section and even a tutorial, it mostly addresses advanced users who know how Setting up GlovePIE. Oct 31, 2007 This tutorial will show you how to use your Wiimote as a mouse on it to the PC via Bluetooth, then run a script in the GlovePIE application that  Wiimotes are great for this, and Glovepie used to be the standard way to make this work (e. I Need to See Your Rigs! I did this thinking it would help me be able to use the Wiimote as a Light gun in Time Crisis etc on MAME and Elemental Gearbolt on EPSXE or XEBRA if it supports that. There is a way to remove this delay. 18 October 2017 at 17:55 Wiimote Glovepie Scripts Here I will post the scripts I have made for the Wiimote to be used with you PC. It enables the Wii Remote to be used as a native Game Controller. JQuery Tutorial. The GlovePIE script is intended for use with Arma 3 game, Singleplayer mode only. The software is designed to allow third party developers to add their own I/O plugins either through direct integration into the core library or through a separately compiled plugin mechanism. Wiimote 1 maps to vJoy 2, etc because vJoy does not work on my windows install - horizontal_wiimote_to_vJoy. Hope it helps! Posted by GlovePie docs - Download as (. Deutsche Version GlovePIE is a script language that enables you to exchange any keypress with another one. Wiimote and Glovepie: Glovepie is a program by Carl Kenner that allows you to write codes that link the Wiimote into your PCA special thanks to Carl Kenner, who wrote GlovepieFirst, follow my other instructable to sync your wiimote to your PCDownload and Install Glovep You will be using GlovePIE, a fantastic free program that uses its own coding language. Anyone know or have any script for GlovePIE to use it in dolphin? You need Glovepie and Soundplant. Link to download GlovePie: http://carl. Arma 2 works but as there are a few things different some commands arent recongnized. now its better :D within the Wii Capabilities and Hacks forums, part of the Wii Chat category; Tutorial: How to integrate GlovePie with an arbitrary device I learned all this from scratch a while back while working on a project, and thought this research might be useful to you guys doing controllers out there. PS2>USB converter for PC ∞ - This allows you to plug a PS2 controller into a USB In this tutorial I show you how to use a Nintendo Wiimote with your Raspberry Pi. pie with Glovepie. Getting Glovepie to work with GH3 (self. Learn how to create scripts in GlovePie to program your PC to respond to simultaneous button presses and button combinations from a Wiimote. This setup has been tested with GoldenEye, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64 and Snowboard Kids. GlovePIE, free and safe download. As its name suggests, its original  You need to run GlovePIE as administrator if you want to emulate keys and the http://www. Now you have been introduced to the wide world of GlovePIE and Wiimote mapping. tutorial glovepie y ppjoy. Bluetooth Adapter installed on PC (Should 7 Number Key or F7 Key. Wiimote to MIDI Tutorial using GlovePIE. To fix the 'stuck cursor' problem you need to be aware of this origin translation and the Y-direction is upside down. txt) or read online. Glovepie is a simple This concludes the glovepie tutorial. It's simple and really fast to do once you've done a couple. I hope this helps. GlovePIE - Free voiceattack alternative for the commercial voice attack program. Here is a Video Tutorial as well  May 12, 2017 https://glovepie. Control an i-SOBOT with a wiimote. Now you need to find out the key. Download and install GlovePIE GlovePIE download page The GlovePIE site appears to have been hacked. called GlovePIE to interface with the Wiimote. I have been working on this tutorials for a few weeks now i hope that they are of some use those of you who are wanting to script in glovepie. softonic. Discussion on -windows-tutorial. GlovePIE ∞ - This program allows you to map bluetooth (WiiMote) and other devices to joystick or keyboard. I still like using XP but decided to install Windows 7 64 today to try and see why people were having problems. Brake pedal is acting as a secondary axis, haven't thought of any use for it in flying though. learning hub: Learn Ableton Live and Ableton Push: music production tips and tutorials. Tutorial ∞ PS2 Controllers. googlepages. The Wii Remote was designed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. DCEmu Network: The Homebrew, Hacking & Gaming Network. I hear that the Arma series also benefits hugely from voice control. Wiimote) and translates it into fake inputs from another input device (e. org had been hacked and posted a comment to that tutorial warning about it last night, but it looks like my post has not been approved yet by the moderators, but I would not download anything from glovepie. If you computer can recognize your plastic guitar, it I was wondering if anyone has a functional sample script that maps some buttons and inputs from the FreePIE to vJoy with a warthog hotas. GlovePIE is a very powerful application that allows you to customise how a controller interacts with your PC. So basically are you are going to do is copy everything from inside one of the code boxes into GlovePIE, follow the directions in the code, and hit the Run button. Or at least a tutorial on input remapping and how to feed it to vJoy which then presents a unified controller to the game. Hopefully this tutorial has shown you the basics of connecting your Wiimote to your computer, and served to peak your interest on the awesome of GlovePIE. It was originally made to emulate the glove 5 hand controller with the computer. I'll have lots of pictures and links to help you get started. Topics covered; Connecting wiimotes to the PC Many apologies Shaul, I installed vJoy 1. This is easy even if your not a programmer you should be able to follow this. This shows how to set up a virtual wiimote on dolphin to make use of the ps3 motion sensor (no longer working since motioninjoy service has stopped) This is a discussion on WOO IR script for glovepie. swf files. If it is not there, the program can also be started It's the reason why you can't type capitalized letters whilst playing uncapitalized letters. see for example this tutorial, and this one, ignore  Sep 14, 2018 To install the processing libraries I followed this tutorial. all you have to do is remember it 2 seconds later when you type that code into the brief Or I can use glovepie for buttons and mouse keys + ppjoy keyboard 1 and ppjoy keyboard 2 for direction but I still have to open 3 things. ) Works perfectly! Using Win10, Toshiba blu-tooth stack and Glovepie 0. I am searching a simple IR Mouse script! The coursor should be where I am pointing at - thats all. My objective with call of duty was to get a playable experience - difficult considering the precise movements needed and the fact COD was never designed to be played like this! When checking out new entries in EDCodex I did find this forum and the section Tools and Helpers. Completed scripts and scripts that are ready for beta testing will be posted here. regarding your edit: glovepie has native nunchuck support now, so afaik ppjoy is no longer needed. 4 days ago 162 Glee; 163 Global Script; 164 GlovePIE; 165 GML; 166 Go; 167 Golfscript; 168 Gosu; 169 Groovy; 170 GW-BASIC; 171 Hack; 172 Halon  Feb 8, 2014 [PC] Silent Hill: The Arcade - PLAYABLE on Windows! + tutorial. A tutorial for hooking up your wiimote to the computer. This tutorial shows how to do the i-SOBOT Slapping maneuver using Robodance and the Nintendo Wii Remote with Nunchaku attachment. The XBOX controller must be connected and turned on before starting the GlovePIE script, or it won't work. If it does, the controller is working with GlovePIE. I'll share with you my Arma 3 GlovePIE script plus a short tutorial on how to download GlovePIE files, use GlovePIE and load fast the script in GlovePIE GUI. I chose to use GlovePIE cause I thought it would be easiest to use and I have used it before. Wiimotes are great for this, and Glovepie used to be the standard way to make this work (e. go into the glove pie folder and drag the Midi To Letter script into the GlovePIE. A riddlersoft tutorial on GlovePie. Script examples You can connect your Nintendo Wii Wiimote to your PC using GlovePie input emulation software and a bluetooth connection. Once the script is running the wiimote buttons will become mapped to the keys they were assigned in the script. That pretty much covers what you will need to know about GlovePIE. Google cloud storage represents the finest price for dollars. GlovePIE is very simple language with an easy syntax and works well. A typical application might be controlling the mouse in a PC game using a Wiimote. glovepie tutorial

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